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Goal: Reducing Recidivism

The Stop Drop Think manualized workbooks are an evidenced based forensic cognitive behavioral intervention. If you are a community case worker, probation agent, counselor, psychologist, or any kind of professional change agent looking to increase community safety by reducing offender recidivism then you are in the right place. By becoming certified in this approach you can offer your clients and community an award winning model to ensure that you are making a difference. Get started today by reviewing the different levels of certification and taking the first step in the certification process below.

Level 1 Certification

Our level 1 series include our Anger Management Workbook, our Criminal Thinking and Substance Use workbook and our Juvenile Responsible Living workbook.  To be certified in this level you just need to have a desire to help your community.

  • Anger Management
  • Substance Use & Responsible Thinking
  • Juvenile Responsible Living
  • Positive Parenting

Level 2 Certification

Our level 2 series includes our Domestic Violence Workbook: Safe Families Healthy Relationships.  To be certified in this level you just need to have a bachelors degree and 2 years experience in the helping field working with offenders.

  • Safe Families, Healthy Relationships
  • Substance Use & Responsible Thinking (Intensive)

Level 3 Certification

Our level 3 series includes different levels of Sex Offending workbooks: Healthy Sexual Boundaries, phases 1, 2, & 3. To be certified in this level you must have a masters degree and 2 years experience in the field working to help offenders.

  • Healthy Sexual Boundaries Phase 1
  • Healthy Sexual Boundaries Phase 2
  • Healthy Sexual Boundaries Phase 3
Evidence Based, Mindful Cognitive Behavioral Curriculums
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