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In Person Classes - Rock Hill, SC

We offer many of our curriculums in an in person class format.  Each of these classes has different guidelines and objectives so please call (803) 207-0558 to find out more.

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All of our in person classes use manualized forensic cognitive behavioral interventions developed here at Three Trees Center for Change. This approach combines the most effective interventions in offender case management with a number of evidence based treatment/educational models.

Feel free to call (803) 207-0558 for more information about our classes and to get signed up and be sure to download the PDF on this page for class times and basic guidelines.

Three Trees Recidivism Rates
recidivism rates 3 trees

Success rate is measured by clients who 3 years following completion of the program have had no new charges or probation violations and have completed probation successfully. We have used independent tracking of our recidivism rates for over a decade.