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Stop Drop Think Home Study

Stop Drop Think offers an online Learning Management System that can allow your clients to access evidence based forensic cognitive behavioral interventions from anywhere in the world. Clients access the lessons through the internet and are supported with the process of change and accountability by their own Stop Drop Think course coach. As the referral source you will be able to track their progress 24/7 through our online case management system. Watch the video below for more information.

Courses Available
  • Anger Management (level 1)
  • Substance Use and Responsible Thinking (level 1)
  • Positive Parenting (level 1)
  • Rethinking Substance Use on Campus (level 1)
  • Driving Responsibly (level 1)
  • Shoplifting (level 1)
  • Conflict Resolution on Campus (level 1)
  • Substance Use and Responsible Thinking Intensive (level 2)
  • Safe Families Healthy Relationships (level 2)
  • Responsible Relationships on Campus (level 2)
Courses Coming Soon
  • Healthy Sexual Boundaries (coming soon)
  • Juvenile Responsible Living (coming soon)

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